The United States of America

What States have you heard of? 

Where would you like to go and what would you like to see?

What do you know about Los Angeles? New York City? Chicago? Houston? Washington, D.C.? Miami? Philadelphia? Boston? Atlanta? Phoenix? 

What do you know about California? New York? Florida? Texas? Arizona? Nevada? New Jersey? Massachusetts? 

What do American people eat?

What do American people like to do for fun? 

What do American people like to listen to? Music?

What do you think about President Donald John Trump? Ex President Barack H. Obama?

What is the American Dream?

Who are your favorite American actors? musicians? artists? 

  • Have you ever met people from the U.S.?

    • What did you think about them?

  • When did Europeans first come to the Americas?

    • Who lived there before the Europeans came?

    • What has happened to the native people in the Americas?

  • Where do most Asians live in Canada?

    • In the United States?

    • Where do most people from your country live in the United States?

    • In Canada?

    • In Europe?

  • Do you know that Canada, the United States, and Mexico have a free trade agreement?

    • Do you think this is largely positive or negative for these countries?

  • Do you like Hollywood movies?

    • What have you learned about the U.S. by watching Hollywood movies?

    • Do you think it's important for people in the world to see movies that come from other places as well? Why?

  • Who do you think was the best president in U.S. history? Why?

  • Who do you think was the worst president in American history? Why?

  • What are three things you admire about the USA. Why do you admire these things?

  • Do you think the world has anything to learn from the United States?

  • What are three things you dislike about the USA?

    • Why don't you like these things?

    • If you could change anything about the U.S., what would you like to change?

  • Do you think the USA will change in a more positive direction in the future? Why or why not?

  • What is your country's relationship with the United States these days?

  • How can better relationships be created between countries in the world?

  • How can people in the world build better relationships among themselves?

American Flag Image Nov 16 2019.png