Social Media 


Do you have Instagram?

Who do you follow? Why?

When did you join?
Why did you join?
How did you discover this app?

Do you have twitter?

Who do you follow? Why?

Do you follow people on Twitter that you do on Instagram? Why or why not?


Do you have a Facebook account?
Who do you follow on Facebook? Why?


Do you have these apps on your phone or do you use the PC version?

How often do you use them?


Do you think like the app version or PC version better?

What other social media sites do you you use?

Have you heard of QQ? Naver? Firefox? Baidu? Opera? Yahoo? Ask Jeeves? Google Chrome? (Search Engines) 

Do you use Skype? Zoom? MSN Messenger? Earthlink? AOL?

What browser do you use? Why?

How often do you use a tablet to access your social media accounts? 

What social media sites/apps