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Andrea Santos

Country: Colombia


I have been teaching English since 2013. I graduated from the Universidad Industrial de Santander in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia. I received my masters degree from Universidad de la Sabana in Chia, Cundinamarca, Colombia.  


Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) 

Universidad de la Sabana




Languages Spoken: 

Spanish (Native) - English (B2)

Languages Taught:

English & Spanish

Time (Available): 


Monday: 6pm-10pm (GMT-5)

Tuesday: 6pm-10pm (GMT-5)

Wednesday: 6pm-10pm (GMT-5)

Thursday: 6pm-10pm (GMT-5)

Friday: 6pm-10pm (GMT-5)

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

20 Minute Rate: $3.50 (USD) ​

If you would like to book a class with Professor Andrea Santos please contact Academic Tutors USA at +1-213-587-1996 (WhatsApp) or