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Name: Philip Anthony Lujan

Country: United States of America


 I have been teaching English since 2009. I graduated from the University of La Verne in Los Angeles, California in 2012. I started teaching English at Unidades Tecnologias de Santander in 2013 in Bucaramanga and San Gil in Santander, Colombia.


Education: University of La Verne - B.S. Public Administration - 2012

Certificates: Teaching Knowledge Certificate (TKT) - 2013

Module 1 - Band 3

Module 2 - Band 2

Module 3 - Band 3



Languages Spoken: 

English (Native) - Spanish (A2)


Languages Taught: English

Time (Available): 

Monday: 10am-3pm (PST)

Tuesday: 10am-4pm (PST)

Wednesday: 10am-4pm (PST)

Thursday: 10am-4pm (PST)

Friday: 10am-3pm (PST)

Saturday: 10am-12pm (PST)

Sunday: OFF



20 Minute Rate: $3.50 (USD) 

Video Introduction:

Languages Spoken

Time Zone


Languages Spoken

Hourly Rate


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