Professor Philip Lujan's Menudo Recipe

During the winter holidays Menudo was always a household favorite amongst my siblings. In the 1980s my father used to make menudo from scratch at home every Christmas. The way my father made it was more of a "Chicano" version of it. He would used the traditional version from Northern Mexico. I remember when I went to Mexico City as a kid in 1992 and had menudo it had a very different flavor. I remember I did not like the flavor. It was then that I learned that Menudo had variations based on geographic region in Mexico. I recommend you make menudo from home with the freshest ingredients. If you do not have a lot of time to cook you can by menudo in a can. In my opinion the best brand to buy menudo in a can is Juanita's.

Menudo Mexican Soup - June 28 2020.jpg
Juanitas Menudo Can - June 29 2020.jpg