Julieth chef-looking cartoon-female-cook

Professor Julieth's breakfast


French toast 

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract

A loaf of bread

4 tsp  of  milk

10 grams of sugar

1 tsp of  ground cinnamon

Caramelized fruits

100 grams green apples

20 grams  sugar

A little knob of butter

A sprinkle of water


10 grams strawberries 

2 bananas

Fried egg 



Caramel fruits

Chop the apples in cubes with the skin.  add the sugar to the pan a let the sugar gests a light caramel. the key is keeping moving the pan from side to side to get the consistency of the caramel. after, add the apples to the caramel mix them

add some butter and let it melt keep mixing and finally, add the water and let it cook for one minute, and turn off-gas.


Mix for the bread


Whisk the eggs, add the milk keep whisking add the sugar, add the cinnamon and the vanilla extract and mix them all well.

Put a slight of oil into a pan let it heat.  slice the bread and put into the mix rapidly for both sides let it gets a nice brown color and finally, put the caramel fruits on top of the bread and on the side put the sauce of the fruits on top and as a secret add powdered sugar to decorate the french toasts.

Julieths French Toast Image 1 - July 1 2
Julieths French Toast Image 2 - July 2 2