Professor Julieth's Cheese Puff Recipe

1 cup of milk 
113 grams of butter 
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper 
1 cup of flour 
4 eggs
Half cup of Parmesan cheese 
Half cup of  mozarrella cheese


1. Put the cup of milk in a pot to a medium heat with the butter until the butter get melted add the pinch of salt and pepper
2. Add the flour in the mix until get a consistency mass
3 . Put the mass in the procesot add the eggs echa one slowly add the grated cheese mix it for 2 minutes
4. Out the mix in the pastry vas and put on the baking try a butter paper and put the mass
5 , preheats the Owen to 180 grads , before starting the recipe
6. The cheese puff will be done in 20 minutes to 180 grad you can also add bocadillo or sweet ingredients

Julieths Cheese Puffs 1.jpeg
Julieths Cheese Puffs 2.jpeg
Julieth chef-looking cartoon-female-cook