Professor Julieth's Pomodoro Pasta

Julieth chef-looking cartoon-female-cook

Two spoons of oil
5 cloves of garlic

1 carrot
2 cans of cherries sauce
Parmesan cheese
4 spoon of butter



In a pot add the oil with garlic let the garlic let it out the flavor with the oil, just for a minute,  Peel a carrot and put it on the pot complete, mix them  add some salt, and put the sauce tomatoes cherries, Mix then add half cup of Parmesan cheese and let the  mix for 25 minutes and put the butter and some oil let them melted with the mix and ready to take out the carrier and the caves of garlic
The carrot will take out the acid from the tomatoes and add some cheese on top of the pasta with some basil. 

Julieths Pomodoro Pasta - July 1