Where can I find free ESL activities for all levels online?

Where can I find free ESL activities for all levels online?

By: Professor Philip Lujan For Academic Tutors USA

April 11, 2020

If you are looking for free ESL activities for all levels online then you came to the right place. Academic Tutors USA has activities for all levels on our website. Academic Tutors USA has the activities separated into three main categories with each main category having its own sub categories. The first category is for the A1/A2 beginners level. The second category is the B1/B2 Intermediate level. The third category is the C1/C2 Advanced level. Each category consists six subcategories. The categories are speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Academic Tutors USA also has a teachers resource link with additional material.

Academic Tutors USA provides private one on one classes and group class. We currently have two field offices, one in Los Angeles, California, and the second in Bogota, Colombia. Academic Tutors USA also provides one on one class in person in Los Angeles and Bogota. The vast majority of our private classes are online via

Academic Tutors USA is here to assist students of all levels. Check out our website at or contact us at

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