Academic Tutors USA's Charity Children's Program

Academic Tutors USA is proud to present our charity program for children who would like the opportunity to study English online for free on Sundays. The program was designed to help poor and impoverished children from Colombia and Latin America. We offer three classes on Sundays. The beginners ( A1.A2) class begins at 2pm (EST). The intermediate (B1/B2) class begins at 3pm (EST). The Advanced (C1) class begins at 4pm (EST). Each class session is 30 minutes in duration. Once the students complete the course we will give them a digital certificate from Academic Tutors USA. The student must attend all classes and must pass the exam with a 70% or better in order to receive the certificate.  If you have any questions or comments please contact Academic Tutors USA at

+1-213--587-1996 (USA). 

Professor Philip Anthony Lujan

Academic Coordinator

+1-213-587-1996 (WhatsApp) 

Kids Virtual School - Pic 1 - Feb 11 202

Class Schedule - 6 week charity program for kids