Colombian Food 

Colombian food consists of a wide variety of meat, vegetables, and fruit. One of my favorite dishes from Colombia is Bandeja Paisa. My second favorite plate from Colombia is Churrasco with Papa Criolla. I really enjoy the soup mute and ajiaco. My favorite breakfast item is called caldo de costilla. I love empanadas and arepas which can be easily found on almost every street corner from illegal street vendors throughout the country. Plantains are a staple in the Colombian diet. Bocadillo and Arequipe are a sweet Colombian treat that I really enjoy. Cocadas are also a treat that is very common in Colombia. Colombia Coffee is the best and Juan Valdez and OMA are two good places to get it. My favorite coffee shop in Bogota is called Jacques near Parque 93 in North Bogota. 

Ajiaco Soup - Dec 26 2019.jpg
Cocadas - Dec 26 2019.jpg
Bandeja Paisa - Dec 26 2019.jpg
Fruit from Colombia - Dec 26 2019.jpg