Why Freedom of the Press is important

Tell me three reasons you feel that a free press is essential to an open and free society.




Do you think it is a dangerous job to be a journalist? Why or why not? 

What is the difference between a journalist and a reporter? 

The difference between Journalist and a Reporter is reporter's job is to relay the story to the public but the Journalist's job is to research new stories. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, and many more written editorials. Reporters report the news on television, radio, or any other mass media.

Would you like to pursue a career in media as a journalist or a reporter? Why or why not? 

Let's take a look at this one minute video and after we will discuss what you feel and think about it.

Video Link #1


The 46th President of the United States of America Joseph Robinette Biden takes questions from the Press at the White House in 2021. 

Dangers of a suppressed or censored Press

A open and uncensored press is an essential element to American Democracy. The press has always been a tool of the people to stay informed on domestic and international issues/problems. The press is also a way to hold people and politicians accountable for their actions. People in a free society have the right to know what their elected officials are doing on their behalf. People from a free society in general can rely on their diverse sources of news and information. 

Misinformation is a major problem for the public. Some news outlets are considered more reliable than others. Some reliable news outlets in the United States are CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, NBC, & ABC. Politicians who do not like news that criticizes them will sometimes try to confuse the public by labeling it or them "fake news". 

In the picture below is former U.S. President Donald J. Trump taking questions from the press at the White House in Washington, D.C. 

Former President Trump has been quoted many times that the News outlets in the United States are "fake news" due to their unfavorable reporting about him and his administration. 


1. What news outlets do you know of? 

2. Which ones do you trust?

3. How do you decipher what is real news and fake news?

4. Where is the most reliable news source? TV? Social Media? Blogs? The Google? 

5. Do you think the government controls the media in your country? Why? or why not? 

Trump with the Press - June 2 2021.png