Babe Ruth 

1. Where was Babe Ruth born?

2. What year was Babe Ruth born?

3. What positions did Babe Ruth play?

4. What year did Babe Ruth start his professional baseball career?

5. What year did Babe Ruth retire? 

6. What is Babe Ruth's real name? 

7. What year did Babe Ruth pass away? 

8. What teams did Babe Ruth play for? 

9. What are some of Babe Ruth's nick names? 

10. How many children did Babe Ruth have?

11. What number did Babe Ruth use? 

12. What is the most home runs Babe Ruth hit in a single season? 

13. How many career home runs did Babe Ruth have when he retired? 

14. Who were Babe Ruth's parents?

15. Who was Babe Ruth's wife?