Read this extract from a job application form.

Outline why you are applying for this job. Use this space to describe your relevant qualification, skills and experience and indicate why they are suitable for this role.

 I am interested in this job because I am currently looking for an opportunity to use the skills I learnt in my college. I have recently completed a 16-week part-time accounting course (AAT Level 2 Certificate).  The course covered book-keeping, recording income and receipts and basic costing. We used a wide range of computer packages, and I picked up the accounting skills easily. I was able to work alone with very little extra help. I passed the course with merit. I believe my success was due to my thorough work, my numeracy skills and my attention to detail. During the course, I had experience of working to deadlines and working under pressure.  Although this was sometimes stressful, I always completed my work on time.

Unfortunately, the course did not include a work placement, so I have not practised my skills in a business setting, and I am now looking for an opportunity to do so.  I am particularly looking for a job in a small company such as yours, as I believe I will be able to interact with a wider range of people, and as a result, learn more skills.  I would like to progress within a company and gain more responsibilities over the years.

Although I do not have work experience in finance, I have experience in working in an office environment.  Before starting the accounting course, I worked for 6 months in a recruitment office as a receptionist. My duties involved meeting and greeting clients and visitors, taking phone calls, audio and copy typing and checking stock. I also had to keep the petty cash and mail records.  Through this work, I developed my verbal and written communication skills. I had to speak confidently to strangers and deliver clear messages.  I enjoyed working in a team environment.  I believe the office appreciated my friendly manner and efficient work.

Are the following statements true or false? Choose 'not in text' if the information is not there.

1. The candidate has a qualification in accounting.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

2. The candidate has a university degree in accounting.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

3. The candidate has worked as an accountant before.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

4. The candidate worked with an accounting firm as a receptionist.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

5. The candidate is familiar with some accounting software.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

6. The candidate has worked as part of a team in an office environment.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

7. The candidate has experience of record-keeping.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

8. The candidate wants to learn on the job.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

9. The candidate has a maths qualification.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

10. The candidate can work by herself.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

11. The candidate intends to study a further accounting course.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

12. The candidate believes herself to be a careful worker.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

13. Deadlines do not stress the candidate.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text  

14. The candidate is applying for a job in a large firm.  SelectTrueFalseNot in text