B1/B2 English Reading Activity 2 

Dialogue 2: Ordering food at McDonald’s

Employee/Cashier: Welcome to McDonald’s may I please help you?


Customer/Patron: Yeah give me large fries, strawberry shake, and a Big Mac.


Employee/Cashier: Would you like to get this in a combo? It is cheaper if you buy it in a combo.


Customer/Patron: Sure, I would like it in a combo. I would also like to include the Quarter Pounder with cheese combo. Can you super size that combo please?


Employee/Cashier: Absolutely! Would you like anything else?


Customer/Patron: No that will conclude my order. How much is it?


Employee/Cashier: Your total is $16.72 with tax included. Will you pay with cash or card?


Customer/Patron: I would like to pay cash. Do you have change for a hundred dollar bill?

Fast Food Employee - Dec 13 2019.jpg