B1/B2 English Reading Activity 1

Dialogue 1: Going to the Doctor


Dr. Barker: Hello, how are you feeling today?

Tell me what is wrong? How can I help you?

Patient: I am doing okay Dr. Barker. I just have a slight cold. I was coming in

hoping I can get some antibiotics for my cold.


Dr. Barker: Tell me your symptoms. What are you feeling?


Patient: I have a cough, my body aches, I feel fatigued, My throat hurts as well. I woke up not being able to breathe out of my nose. My head also hurt real bad when I woke up. I felt a lot of pressure. I feel hot and cold at the same time. 


Dr. Barker: Based on your symptoms you have more than a cold. It sounds like a classic case of the flu.


Patient: How many days do you think I will have the flu once I start taking my medicine?


Dr. Barker: I will give you a prescription for some Amoxicillin. Take these for two weeks. I want you to buy some aspirin from over the counter to help reduce your fever. I would like you to schedule an appointment to come back and see me in two weeks just to see how you are feeling.

Patient: Sounds like a plan. Thank you Dr. Barker for your help. I will follow your instructions accordingly. I believe the medicine will help me. 

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1. What did the patient have? What was the patient sick with?


2. What did Dr. Barker prescribe the patient to get better? 

3. How long did the patient have to take the prescription for? 

4.  When did Dr. Barker want the patient to return? 

5. What were some of the symptoms  the patient had? 


1. The patient had a flu. 

2. Dr. Barker prescribed Amoxicillin. 

3. The patient had to take the medicine for two weeks. 

4. Dr. Barker wanted the patient to return in two weeks. 

5. The patient had a s sore throat, fever, cough, sore body, fatigued, clogged nose, and a headache 


Feeling hot and cold at the same time is a flu symptom. 

Feeling immense pressure in your head is a headache. 

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What Medicine can you take to get better? 

1. Amoxicillin (Antibiotic) 

2. Aspirin 

3. Tylenol 

4. Advil 

5. Cough Syrup

6. Cough Drops

7. Sore Throat Spray Antiseptic 

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