Answer the questions

1.What do Sahra and her friends talk about?

2.What does Sahra like doing?

3. What things does Sahra hate?

4.What does Tomas like to do?

Let's Chat

1. What interests/hobbies do you have?

2. Who taught or introduced you to this interest/hobby?

3. Where did you learn? Where can you do this?

4. When did you learn or become interested?

5. How do you do this? 

Fill in the blanks

1. I have to use a bat, ball, and glove to play _______________.

2. In Japan they play ___________ on the top of tall buildings. 

3. In Hungary some people play _________ in the pool. 

A1-A2 - Interests-Hobbies Baseball bat B
A1-A2 - Interests-Hobbies Japanese Rooft
A1-A2 - Interests- Hungarians playing ch