Match true or false
Picasso graduated as a painter in the Royal Academy of fine arts.T(  ) F (  )
Pablo Picasso was born in 1781. T(  ) F (  )
Picasso's father was a teacher in The Royal Academy of fine arts.T(  ) F (  )
Picasso did not know to draw well.T(  ) F (  )

Answer the questions
What was the technique used by Picasso in his plays?
What is a craft?
Is Picasso considered a rebellious son? Why?
What was the specialization of Picasso's father? 
When did Picasso make his first cubist painting?
Did Picasso inspire other artists?
Why Picasso is still remarkable nowadays?
Do you like Picasso's style?
Describe  Picasso as the person and the artist relate both in a paragraph.