Thomas Jefferson


1. Answer the questions 
1. What is the text about?
2. What are the characters mentioned in the text?
2. What dates do you remember of the text?
3. What connectors or linking verbs do you remember of the text?
4. For you, What was the hardest part of the text??
5. For you, What was the easiest part of the text?

6. What was the new vocabulary that you learned in the text?
2. Answer the questions according to the text
1. Why is The USA described as a melting pot?
2. What other languages are spoken in the USA besides English?

3. How did James Garfield show off his languages skills? 
Write two examples according to the text:

3. Match the answer
1. What percent of the US presidents were multilingual?
a. a quarter
b.a half
c.One third

2. What were the three languages included in the Upper-schools curriculum in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries?
a. French, Spanish and greek
b.French, Latin, and greek
c.Arabic, Latin, and Greek
3. What languages did James Garfield teach?
a.Latin and Arabic
b.Latin and French
c.Latin and Greek
4. How many languages did Thomas Jefferson besides the standard speak?

a. Five
4. Complete the sentences
1. Which languages did Thomas Jefferson have conversational proficiency in? 

Arabic --------------Welsh.
2. Adams spoke Latin, Greek ----------, Dutch,-------------- Spanish---------, German and --------------.
3. Martin Van Buren was the first and the only leader who learned ------------.
5. Match true or false
It took four weeks for Thomas Jefferson to speak a language comfortable.
T (  ) F (  )

6. Describe in your own words how is a polyglot person.
7. Give a short reflection of the text.