My plans for the next 5 years

Hello,  I'm Alex and these are my plans In five years, I will be working in an important economy as an administrative, I also want to have my master's degree by that time, I know it will cost money, but If  I  continue saving money as am I doing now. I will be finished with my master's. Sentimentally, I hope, I will be married to a great gentleman and a few years after having two kids. I always dreamed of traveling to Rome, I love pasta and pizza, but not just that, I will like to see the beautiful architecture, It looks amazing every time I watch pictures from Rome, Of course, I will go with my couple, I hope my partner support this dream. and Finally, I have good health and with a lot of energy to enjoy everything had planed.

Answer the questions

Where Alex will be working?

How does Alex see himself sentimentality?

Where will he travel?

Whom will Alex travel with? 

Why does he like Italy a lot?

What other things does Alex expect in 5 years?

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

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