Answer the questions
What is Jerry's letter about?
What time does Jerry wake up?
Where does Jerry have breakfast?
Do Erick and Jerry get along?

Choose the answer
How often does Jerry study in the library?
What times does Jerry go to bed?
a.At midnight
b.A quarter to eleven

Match true or false
Jerry hates waking up early. T( ) F ( )
He walks 10 minutes to go to class.T( ) F ( )
Eric is from New york.T( ) F ( )
The food at the cafeteria is good.T( ) F ( )
Jerry has a german class every morning at 7:40. T( ) F ( )

Complete the senteces
Jerry has Business and Economic classes on Friday -------------,---------------.
Jerry has United Stated classes on Tuesdays and ----------.
Jerry has English classes compositions on Wednesday, -----------, ----------.