The Camping Trip

Underline the verbs in past.

Lily and her brother Ryan went camping with their mom and dad. Ryan and Dad set up the tent while Lily and Mom collected sticks to start a bonfire.

Once the tent was set up. They started a fire in the bonfire pit. Lily and Ryan looked for long pointy sticks to use for cooking hot dogs over the fire while the fire was heating up.  They found four perfect sticks. one for each of them.

Lily and Ryan and their mom and dad each placed two hot dogs on their sticks. They held the hot dogs over the fire and turned the sticks slowly so every side of each hot dog was cooked. they put the hot dogs into buns and added ketchup and mustard. The hot dogs were delicious.

Answer the questions

What is the text about?

Whom did Lily and her brother go with?

When did they start the bonfire?

What did they use the pointy sticks for?

What did they add to the hot dogs?