Adverbs of frequency



Underline the adverbs of frequency in the text below.

Hello, I'm Andrew, and this is my daily routine. I always wake up at 5:00 am. I often prepare pancakes, fried eggs, and bacon for breakfast, after I take a quick shower, I am sometimes late for work, I have to hurry up! I rarely work out before I go to work. I never cook lunch the same day. I prepare lunch the day before. I start work at 9:00 am. I have to wait around 1o minutes for the next bus. I often eat Tuna, pasta, and Apple juice for lunch. I seldom eat outside. After work, I go to the supermarket.  I sometimes watch movies and invite my friends to eat and talk. I never go to sleep early. I go around 11:30 or even more .

Answer the questions according to the text.

What does Andrew prepare for breakfast?

What times does he go to sleep?

How often does Andrew eat out?

How often does Andrew prepare breakfast?

How often does Andrew work out?

How long does he have to wait for the next bus?

How often does he watch movies?

Match true or false 

Andrew always eats tuna for lunch. T(   )  F (  )

Andrew starts work at 8:00.T(   )  F (  )

Andrew never goes to sleep late.T(   )  F (  )

Complete the sentences

Andrew often----------- (prepare) pancakes.

Andrew seldom----------(eat) outside.

Andrew sometimes--------(invite) his friends.

Andrew sometimes -------(watch) movies

Write your daily routine include the adverbs of frequency.