Kelly's family

A1-A2 Reading Worksheet 6 - Family Membe

Hello, My name is Kelly. This is my family tree. I have a Baby 1.----------. His name is Sam. My mother's 2.-------- are my grandparents. Their names are Peter and Alice. They have three children, one 3.------- and two 4.-------. Their daughter is my mother. Her name is Jane. My father's called Jack. My mother's 5.-------- are called Alex and David. Uncle Alex is married to Silvia. They have one 6.----- called Tom. Tom is my 7.---- 8.------ David is married to Lucy and they have two 9.----- called Ann and Kim are 10. ---- and they're also my 11.-----. Silvia and Lucy are my 12.---- .They're very nice. I love my 13.-----.