A1/A2 Listening Comprehension Activity 1 

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The Family 


Listening Comprehension Questions

1. Does John have a big family?  

2. How many people are in John's family in total?

3. How many brothers does John have?

4. What size family does John have? 

5. Does John look like his father? 

6. What color hair did John's father have when he was younger? 

7. Does John's dad wear glasses? 

8. Does John's mother wear glasses? 

9. Is John's dad shorter or taller than him? 

10. How tall is John and his father? 

11. How Tall is John's younger brother? 

12. Is John's mom tall or short? 

13. What color is John's mom's hair? 

14. Is John thin? 

15. Is John's dad skinny/thin? or muscular? 

16. Are John's brothers heavier than him? 


Answer Key:

1. No, John does not have a big family. 

2. John has 5 people in his family

3. John has 2 brothers 

4.John has a medium size family

5. Yes, John looks like his father 

6. John's dad had blonde hair when he was younger

7. Yes John's dad wears glasses 

8. Yes, John's mother wears glasses

9. John's dad is the same height. 

10. They are both 180 centimeters tall. 

11. John's younger brother is about 170 centimeters tall. 

12. John's mom is short. 

13. John's mom's hair is bright red./John's mom has bright red hair.

14. Yes, John is thin. 

15. John's dad/father is muscular. 

16. Yes, John's brothers are heavier than him. 

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