Greetings and Farewells

Complete the conversation

A: Good morning,-------------?



A: Fine, thanks 

A: Oh! Excuse me, I need to go now 

A: It was nice to see you 


B: Thank you


Answer the questions

What are the greetings?


What are the farewells? 

Greetings and Introductions

Complete the conversation

A: Hi, -------------- Mister Bashied?

B: Yes.

A: It's ---------- to meet you.

A:------- James Evans president of Top notch.

C: Welcome to Top Noch.

C: I'm Murray the ---------------------.

B: It's nice -----------------------------.

D: -----! I'm Paul, I'm a toga.

B: Glad ------------------------.

E: I'm Chery, The ------------------.


Answer the questions

Who is the office manager?

Who is the toga?

Who is the president of Top Notch?

Who is the mailman?

Who is the recepcionist?

Complete the sentences.

Bob is a ---------------mailman.

Bob----------- a singer.

Bob--------- an architect.

Bob---------an athlete.