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Welcome to Academic Tutors USA! Academic Tutors USA is a language institute that was founded in 2009 in   Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Are you looking for a place to practice and improve your language skills? Want to work on your own pace? You have came to the right place! Sign up today! 
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Specialized Courses 

Job Interview Prep Course 

This course will prepare you for your future job interviews in English. This will include 

  • Increase confidence 

  • Better prepared to handle and answer questions

  • Increase the probability of getting the position

Business Correspondence 

This writing course will help you improve your business email writing. This will include

  • Writing precisely what you want to write in your letters and emails

  • Increased confidence in your business writing

  • Improved communication skills with your customers and suppliers

IELTS Writing Section Course 

After finishing this writing course you will

  • Be prepared able to write specifically for the IELTS exam 

  • Express yourself with precision and be easily understood by your reader

  • Become more familiar with academic English.

Business Presentations

The business presentations course is designed to  help you become a better public speaker and create aesthetically appealing presentations. This will include. 

  • Allow you to give more effective English presentations

  • Help you prepare better presentation visuals

  • Help you learn the 44 phonemes that are essential to learning how to speak English. 

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