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Academic Tutors USA offers a wide variety of options that will suit your academic needs. We have options for students and working professionals. We also offer classes for kids.

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Our most popular program is our certificate program. We offer a 60 hour, 90 hour, and 120 hour. This course is taught by a certified English professor. These classes can be individual or in groups. The certificate can be verified by Academic Tutors USA for academic and employment purposes. Academic Tutors USA (for an additional fee) can provide you with a letter of recommendation for academic and employment purposes.

Online classes options 

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Hourly Classes

1 hour per class = $15.00 (USD)

(For English and Spanish classes)

Student Online 4 - Child Student - July

Weekly Classes

2 Classes per week

1 hour per class = $12.50 (USD)

(For English and Spanish classes)

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    Monthly Classes

    3 Classes per week

    1 hour per class = $10.00 (USD) 

    (For English and Spanish classes)


      Have access premium to our English content online. You will find an extent of activities, ppts, and videos for a low price. 


      Free clases

      Specialized courses



      After finishing this writing course you will

      • Be prepared able to write specifically for the IELTS exam 

      • Express yourself with precision and be easily understood by your reader

      • Become more familiar with academic English.

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      This course will prepare you for your future job

      • Increase confidence

      • Better prepared to handle and answer questions

      • Increase the probability of getting the position

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      TEST  PREP


      This program will help foreigners from abroad who want to become U.S. citizens. This program will assist foreigners with the applying process for citizenship, green cards, and work visas. For more information please contact us.

      This writing course will help you improve your business email writing. This will include

      ·     Writing precisely what you want to write in your letters and emails

      ·     Increased confidence in your business writing

      ·     Improved communication skills with your customers and suppliers

      About us

      Welcome to Academic Tutors USA! Academic Tutors USA is a language institute that was founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Are you looking for a place to practice and improve your language skills? Want to work on your own pace? You have came to the right place! Sign up today! 


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